Almost Jewish

A personal journey towards Jewish identity through conversion.

After 10 years of mistakes, false starts and important life lessons, I bring my experience to those who wish to explore Judaism.

Reasonably Gay

A collection of essays and articles spanning 2013-2017 in a 4 part series. 

Topics range from politics to current events to personal insights and stories.

There is No Such Thing as Hate Speech

A Parody.

Songs, poems and short stories traveling across time and culture exploring the importance of free speech.Give customers a reason to do business with you.

Children's Titles


Ronni is a Jewish girl who wants to share the joy and uniqueness of Israel. 

With the help of her aunt she organizes an amazing celebration and invites the whole town!


Jacob Greene is Jewish and wears a yarmulke every day, but his friends aren't quite sure why!

Follow Jacob as he learns about the meaning of his special little hat and shares adventures with his friends.


Go along with Freddie to discover 8 unique ways you can make G-d smile every single day! 

From eating to praying to daily kindness, there are so many ways to please G-d!


Featured on

The Daily Wire


Best Troll Of Oscar Night Goes To . . .

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Louder With Crowder


Chad Felix Greene Corrects LGBT Activists Who Claim to Have ‘Owned’ Mike Pence

Other Publications

I am HIV+: Capitalism is a better alternative for medicine

Gender Identity: Embracing My Masculinity


Teen-Adult Sex: What Every Parent Should Know

My Marriage and the Conservative Reaction



Chad Felix Greene of The Federalist debates the gay wedding cake case. 

December 14th 2017

Kevin McCullough Radio

Kevin Examines Left's Approval of Adult - Child Relationships With Chad Felix Greene.

April 03rd 2018

NRATV: Cam & Co

Discussing my experience of going from anti-gun to NRA member.

March 29th 2018

Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler | OANN | Dec 2017

AIDS is Gay!! | Louder With Crowder | Feb 2016

Chad Felix Greene


Chad Felix Greene is a political and social writer focusing primarily on truth in media and advocating for conservative political positions. 

He has illustrated children's titles in the past and discusses Jewish ideas and concepts. 

He is active on twitter and the political conversation and routinely contributes to conservative publications.